Supplements I Really Take

Supplements are the hardest category of things to write an engaging recommendation for because, to be honest, I don't notice the effect of most of them. Nevertheless, I'm in the healing game for the long-haul. I don't expect miracles. I CAN tell you what these are supposed to do and why I've chosen one brand over another. 

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I've taken hundreds of herbs and supplements, but this is the only one that has made a definite and extreme difference in my quality of life. I use it for PMS. It helps me control cramping, headaches, depression, water retention, fatigue, and general sickliness. It reduces my symptoms by about 80%---giving me another whole week of my life back each month. It is thought to boost progesterone in relation to estrogen. It is a tricky herb though. It can take a few months to start working, and the body can quickly adapt to it and it can stop working. It can also mess with the number of days in your cycle making it shorter or longer, so be careful if you use fertility tracking to avoid pregnancy.  I take one every morning, (and what a deal at  $11 for a three month supply) but give myself a break for the first 5 days of my cycle. 




I like to use this as a whole foods vitamin and mineral supplement. I haven't tried all the brands, but this one is very dark green and I like that. The biggest customer complaint is that this container is only halfway full, which is devious and stupid, but when price comparing on Amazon all that really matters is the ounces. A teaspoon will give you a dose of nutrients similar to eating a few cups of vegetables. I wouldn't recommend being a lazy asshole and not eating vegetables. I would recommend eating all the vegetables you can stuff in your glorious face and then taking a few teaspoons of wheatgrass juice powder on top of that.

The wheatgrass powder is ridiculously sweet if you just want to lick it off the spoon. In a drink it is great as well, but it isn't easy to mix up. I recommend one of these little blender sticks, which I also use frequently for taking my oil and vinegar-based dressings to the next level. If you drink bulletproof-type beverages a blender stick is useful for re-blending them if you are a slow drinker they begin to separate, but I like something more powerful for the initial blend.