Baby, Can I Hack Your Vibe?

What is soul hacking? First of all, it is a term I made up, so don't bother to go googling it, or you're only going to get links having to do with a Nintendo game. But I didn't make up the concept. What I mean by soul hacking is doing whatever it takes to get in alignment and raise your vibration, or if you think that's some New Agey mumbo jumbo, you can use the famous humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow's term self-actualization. Whatever you call it, I'm referring to the idea that as human beings we each have a potential for health, happiness, and abundance which can be achieved through embodying our true selves and embracing our destinies. Your soul has a plan for you. Your job is to figure out what that plan is. 

How can you figure out what that plan is? Well, I can tell you, it isn't always easy. I'm not really sure what mine is because I'm still sorting out a chronic illness, but I'm sure there is one. I do know that a lot of people get what their ego or personality wants mixed up with what their soul wants, and it may be the opposite of what you'd expect. It happens to me sometimes. I think I want a '69 Ford Ranger but my ego is slumming it, and my soul actually wants a BMW X5! Maybe you've eschewed rock stardom in favor of humanitarian work in Africa because it seemed like the more righteous path, but in fact by embracing your inner rock God/Goddess you would have reached millions more people. IDK. 

Souls, I'm told, don't usually care about the exact form something takes, and there are many potential paths, as long as the individual is experiencing the essence of what they came here to experience, or learning what they came here to learn. The primary method I use for determining if I am heading in the right direction is synchronicity: two events occurring around the same time but not connected according to ordinary logic. For example, if I hate my job and quit it, and later that day I receive an unexpected offer for a new job. I probably made the right decision. If I'm about to take a new job, and get in a car accident on the way to it, or even see one, I probably made the wrong decision. Think you couldn't possibly have your timing belt fly off on the freeway because you ate a chocolate frozen yogurt? I didn't, until it happen to me. (Sometime I'll tell you the details about why I'm convinced it was the yogurt). 

That brings us to another method that is very important to me for maintaining a high vibration: eating the right diet (which is why diet is another major topic on this blog). A good diet=good luck. That's because luck is not luck at all, it is a sign of flow (or lack thereof) based on the state of one's energy. Energy is everything. I mean that both literally and metaphorically. Everything is made of energy, and also energy holds the invisible key to understanding every conversation, every relationship, and every situation, every illness and every accident. 

I know if you aren't of the spiritual persuasion all of this is a lot to take in. You might be skeptical. That's okay. I used to be quite skeptical too, an open-minded agnostic, a highly detached existentialist, until I got introduced to this stuff and started watching my own life and saw enough evidence to become a believer. If you're the least bit curious to know more about soul hacking and how I got into this stuff, please stay tuned to my blog and subscribe for updates. 


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