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I love places. I love nature. I love to travel and explore. My chronic fatigue keeps me from traveling abroad, but I love the good old U.S.A.,  so much diversity! I have lived in all four corners: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest (although that's as much due to being a lost soul looking for home, as much as a rambling spirit). Wondering where I like best?  I like the dry heat and eternal sunshine of the Southwest, but the swamps of the Southeast have a soul that can't be beat. I hate the rain and damp in the Northwest, never could get used to living there, and the Northeast? Well for better or worse, it's home and holds a piece of my heart. When I first moved away I hand tattooed "Allegheny" on my ankle with a cactus need and charcoal, which is the name of the mountains where I am from (look for it in the Oregon photos). 

I used to love photography when I was a teen (remind me to tell you the story about the time my friend Bekah and I were suspended for pretending to be gifted so we could take photography classes at the Learning Enrichment Center). I don't think I love photography anymore, but I like it alright. I've never had a nice digital camera, I don't even have an iphone. I only got a smart phone a couple years ago, and I only got Instagram, well, when I started this blog, because I had to hack the danged device just to have the space to fit some apps, but I've been taking shots on my shitty cell phones since about 2009 or so, which is what a lot of these below are. I hope you enjoy this voyeuristic peek into my life.  

Arizona & Southwest (Lived Here Fall 2014-Present)


Florida (Lived Here Spring/summer 2014)


Pennsylvania (Lived Here fall 2013/winter 2014)


MeMPHIS (Lived HERE Spring/Summer 2013)


California (Lived here 2012)


Oregon (Lived here 2007-2011)