Home and Garden Supplies I Really Use

Maintaining my health as a sensitive person means cutting down on toxins in my home environment and eating a healthy diet that may require special kitchen accessories. I'm also into organic gardening. Here are some things I dig (no gardening puns intended).

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You know, I have no idea if this actually does anything for the meridians, but it definitely increases blood flow to the back. It fucking hurts, but I like it. If you're into pain and pleasure all mixed together this is the product for you (each of those plastic disks is ringed with pointy spikes). After a few minutes everything warms ups and it feels like you are lying on a heating pad minus the harmful electrosmog. After a long day of typing on the computer this mat provides a welcome relief from the upper back, shoulder and neck tension. I use it lying in bed while watching internet TV. Must be shirtless!  Seems to be out of stock, so you may have to order an alternate brand.

Bokashi isn't really for everyone. It's more for nerds who like to experiment with organic gardening and composting methods. What it is a probiotic product that is grown on wheat bran (smells amazing). You sprinkle it over your food scraps in an anaerobic environment and they grow white mold and it sort of pickles them and breaks them down. 

While this is happening you can drain off the liquid and mix it with your water when watering plants, sort of like Kombucha for gardens.

It doesn't entirely break down the scraps. You won't end up with dirt in the bucket. You will end up with fermented mushy food scraps that will break down very quickly that you can bury in the soil or add to a regular compost. It can be used with meats, bones, citrus rinds and other funky stuff that is traditionally discouraged from composting bins. 

This is the juicer I use at home and that we used in the Sedona juice bar I worked in. We had a fancy $2000 Norwalk press too, but honestly it was a huge pain in the ass compared to the Omega. 

If you don't know anything about juicers, these slow masticating-style auger juicers are considered superior to the ones with a whirring blade that make a lot of foam (quieter for you sensitive folks too). This juicer is considered cold-press, meaning the nutrients don't get heated and destroyed during the process. Cold-pressed juices are thought to retain a good deal of their nutritonal value for about 3 days

 I make green juice. It isn't disgusting if you make sure to add plenty of watery vegetables like cucumber, celery, romaine, and zucchini along with stronger flavors like kale and chard. 100% celery juice is my go-to drink. 


This is one of those pull-up bars that fits over your doorway. It won't work unless you have a decent strip of molding or trim or whatever you call that. I am pleasantly surprised at the utility of this purchase. I bought it because I was inspired by the whole MoveNat/Paleo movement culture and this bar had the different hand grips so I could hang and stretch and, of course, do pull-ups in different ways. Turns out  I do use it quite a bit. I have a shoulder that has been dislocated about 12 times so gently building and stretching the muscles around it is important to me, even if I only hang a few seconds a day.