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Hi! My name is Emily. My goal on this site is to convey that sensitivity can be a super power. I hope to help other people like myself begin to harness their gift, and to use my unique insights as a sensitive person to offer my readers down-to-earth, functional, sensible advice on learning to rock their reality. My journey is still evolving, but I'm here to share what I've learned so far.


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What do I mean by Sensitive?


Some of My Favorite Topics:


Fueling the body with the best quality whole foods and nutrients is essential for success and maintaining a high vibration.

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Soul Hacking

Every person on this planet has a purpose and a destiny. Understanding yours can help you manifest everything you ever wanted and more. 

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Rewilding is about living a healthy and vibrant life in harmony with your evolutionary blueprint. Never heard of it?

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All places exhibit their own energy or essence. All places have the ability to influence our psyche for better or worse. Vortexes are all around us.

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Being healthy in this crazy world means taking
 matters into your own hands...

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