Why Multiple Personality Disorder Should Give Us All Hope For Manifesting the Life We Dream

Why Multiple Personality Disorder Should Give Us All Hope For Manifesting the Life We Dream

On my morning walk with the puppers today, I was listening to the audio book the Physics of God by Joseph Selbie and it mentioned something I found fascinating. It spoke of how those with multiple personalities a.k.a. dissociative identity disorder (DID) have shown the ability to completely change their physiology within seconds to minutes. Examples include changes in eyesight, eye color, scars, allergies, diseases, EEG patterns, body temperature, voiceprint, and so forth. I went so far as to track down some of the original studies, such as the ones on eyesight, and the claims are legit. The shape of the eyeball actually changes. Actors faking DID are not able to achieve the same changes.

This is great news for those of in the worlds of healing and manifestation because it means it really is that easy! (Theoretically).

You sometimes hear that EFT tapping or hypnosis or meditation can achieve these biological miracles, but the claims can seem far fetched. And you would think, at the very least, major changes might take a few weeks to a few months to build up. ...On the other hand, how many people are changed instantly and permanently after a visit to a sacred place like Lourdes, or a healer like John of God? How many crutches and wheelchairs have been left behind? How many documented cases are there of tumors disappearing? (Answer: plenty). 

The multiple personality phenomenon of raises lots of fascinating questions about the nature of consciousness. Typically these personalities arise as the result of extreme trauma. But even mono-minds (the majority of people) suffer from fragmentation of the psyche/soul/consciousness due to trauma. This idea is one of the fundamental tenets of psychology. 

While a person with dissociative identity disorder seems to cycle through different personalities, we mono-minds tend to identify with one dominant personality while relegating other aspects of ourselves to the shadow or subconscious. These aspects can be both good and bad. I wrote recently about the siddhis, psychic talents that may, in some instances, be repressed birthrights. Alters also tend to have a mix of good and bad aspects and their own unique skillsets. For example, some know languages the others do not speak or play instruments the others do not know how to play. In either case, non-dominant personalities can emerge due to environmental triggers. Who hasn't had a close relationship with someone who seemed like "an entirely different person" when upset? 

It seems clear that the when a person with DID switches, their consciousness, their energy field, their biochemistry, and most likely their gene expression changes. They aren't just "making it up".  Changes are frequently observed in vocabulary, gender, posture, muscle tone, handwriting, and so on. But even more astonishing, imagine switching personalities while driving down the road and having to pull out your contact lenses because you can't see with them in anymore. Imagine drinking a glass of orange juice and then hours later switching into an alter that immediately breaks out in hives because that personality is allergic and the orange juice is still in the system. Imagine trying to manage diabetes with insulin when one alter has no blood sugar issues and reacts to the medication totally differently. Imagine having more than one period a month because your alters are on different cycles. These are all real life examples of living with DID.

What does this say about the nature of consciousness? Healing-wise it seems to imply that it could be true that our physical diseases originate in consciousness, that they really are all psychosomatic, that they are coping mechanisms for the bad things that have happened to us, above and beyond the culmination of our dietary and lifestyle choices. Having DID is, of course, in and of itself a disease and a coping mechanism for trauma, but each alter seems to have a different coping mechanism and therefore, potentially, a different disease, perhaps because they have experienced different aspects of the trauma. Alters often have different memories and perceptions of the trauma, or none at all . 

While these internal changes are fascinating, there is certainly precedent for a robust mind-body connection in the way of the placebo effect. It would be even more fascinating/radical to study if the external, non-local, reality of these individuals with multiple personality disorder shifts along with them. According to the Law of Attraction, we create our own reality with our thoughts, our subconscious beliefs, and/or our vibration. Not just by choosing to interpret the same things in a more positive light, or by creating more opportunities for ourselves with magnetic self-confidence, but literally. Magically.  

I would hypothesize that these alters have different mixes of subconscious and conscious beliefs, memories, thoughts, habits and vibrations and therefore manifest different realities. Say one personality is hard-edged and closed-hearted while another is warm and fuzzy and innocent. I would suspect that these two alters manifest different situations and opportunities that are inexplicable based on common logic. For example, if you are a salesperson in a brick and mortar store, it is logically likely you will make less sales when you are in a bad mood, or inhabiting a certain disagreeable personality, right? But if you have an online business and no one knows which personality you are inhabiting, and you make no changes to the website or marketing that could increase or decrease sales, it would be interesting if more or less money was typically made while inhabiting the personality of a certain alter. Following the rise and fall of stocks, the weather, the moods of Facebook friends based on computer analysis of the language in their posts, and other such external synchronous events in concert with switching could be instructive. 

There is also the possibility that rather than manifesting from a positive/negative angle the alters manifest things that represent their dominant (but equal vibration) thoughts and interests. That is an alter who likes blue might be spontaneously gifted something blue, whereas an alter that likes red might be spontaneously gifted something red. I'll bet you could scientifically test this using a psychokinesis test. Let's say an average person is better at influencing a random number generator to flash them a photo on a computer screen of their favorite painting out of a selection of 4 classical paintings than the other three paintings. (I'm not sure this is true, but I believe it may be. Psychokinesis itself is extensively lab proven, and motivation does matter). Now let's say the alters have different favorite paintings. Then they should influence the generator differently. If they do, this suggests they are manipulating reality from their current state of consciousness, whereas a control pretending to like a different painting should not be able to produce as large of an effect. The will of the control is a superficial imposition, not matched with their essential energy.

(Though you might want to also ask the particpant's least favorite painting, in case they are particularly negative, manifesting precisely what they don't want to see!!!) 

I don't have DID, but I have often observed further changes in my tastes, preferences, and external reality after making one initial change that would alter my vibration. For example, when I began using my hyperbaric oxygen chamber I had more energy, my taste for raw vegan foods increased, my taste for meat, especially red meat decreased, I became more interested colorful things (objects and clothing), music, physics, and metaphysics. I was also attracted to different (lighter) TV series as opposed to ones more likely to feature poverty and strife. These types of changes are not just associated with hyperbaric oxygen but seem to be consistent with anything that raises my vibration. There seems to be a healthier, more spiritual version of me hidden inside me waiting to emerge. I'm also more likely to receive donations and fan mail during these times, even if I haven't written or posted anything. 

And at the opposite extreme, when something happens to drop my vibration, for example, if I am exposed to a toxic chemical such as new car fragrance, not only do I develop symptoms such as a headache, but my entire being morphs in the worst version of myself. I feel suicidal and desperate. I develop strong cravings for junk foods like burgers and fries, as well as alcohol, and generally become impulsive and self destructive, kicking holes in walls and scratching at my arms. Luckily that tends to last a short amount of time, but a more moderate version can last for weeks, or months, or even years. And, of course, the external world is likely to reflect chaos as well. Cops are everywhere, machines are out of order, YouTube comments are mean and horrid. I'm not just noticing it. I'm confident that these are real correlations. 

These phenomenon suggest that there is something more than mere thoughts at play when it comes to manifestation, but also something less than stubborn subconscious beliefs. They suggest that consciousness is a mix of all these things and more, that one's vibration, and therefore one's manifestation, can be influenced by forces both deep and shallow, consistent and inconsistent.

I would not say these versions of me feel like multiple personalities so much as a sliding scale of low- vibration personality to high-vibration personality, with the highest vibration personality representing the most whole, True, aligned version of myself, the self closest to the Soul, and its blueprint for my full potential in this incarnation as Emily. You can imagine that because I am so sick, and because, like most of us, I've been traumatized for a very long time, I have no idea what my highest vibration personality is, and what kind of interests and talents and thoughts and tastes it has. I may not even recognize my ideal self if I were to meet her in a dark (light?) alley. (Raising the question of how many spirit guides are actually the Higher Self projected outside of the self?).

The most toxic personality and most healthy personality (and reality) I've experienced in life thus far are no doubt quite different from both how bad and how good things could be. I find this comforting given that I'm not all too happy with the way things are currently. I'm hoping there are a lot of positive repressed aspects of me left to discover.

This all does raise questions about the nature of consciousness. The ability of those with DID to change symptoms quickly, and my experiences with my own personality shifting based on chemical exposures or singular lifestyle changes indicate that the smaller personal consciousness (what we are currently aware of, experiencing, creating) is filtered from a larger personal consciousness that could be defined as all aspects of a personality that a singular human being, at a certain point in their lifetime possesses-- the many memories, talents, habits, beliefs and other things tucked away in the subconscious or shadow, consistent, but cut off from momentary access or relevance. This is in turn appears to be filtered from an even larger, impersonal consciousness. The transpersonal experiences I wrote about in my last essay are examples of this level of consciousness. This is the level of consciousness that allows for remembering past lives, remembering lives between lives, reading the mind of another, speaking a language the speaker has never been exposed to, and so forth. And the final level of consciousness is that of pure undifferentiated, unfiltered Consciousness itself, of God, Light, Love, and Oneness. 

It also raises questions about healing and integration. The examples I gave above of both DID and my own experience seem to have to do with tuning into different frequencies, much as one would tune into a radio station, but the other frequencies are there just as the other stations are still there.  Dissociation is typically considered bad, but are there not certain dark, untruthful aspects of ourselves that are beneficial to be "dissociated" with, distanced from, tuned out? Are there not sometimes demons in our consciousness that deserve to be exorcised? Must we love and embrace and integrate aspects of ourselves that were never truly "us" to begin with? I suspect conscious dissociation is a valuable skill, though that may not be the right term. 

And is tuning to a higher vibration different than the healing process or the same? Are there psychological wounds and traits associated with those wounds, that, once mended, once processed, will never return in a lifetime? Or will we always be at risk of backsliding into the same, predictable lower vibration beliefs, memories, and habits when we stray off course? When we heal are we like a broken pot glued back together into a whole pot, likely to shatter again in the same places if dropped? Or can the cracks be magically erased as if they never happened? My experience in life thus far seems to be the former, and if we are lucky we integrate these wounds into our memory as learning experiences, as part of our unique beauty, our complexity, and never shatter ourselves again, but I don't want to make any assumptions about what is possible, after all, impossibility is the nature of this article. 


Thank you for reading. If I've made any mistakes in my description of DID, I apologize. I am a psychologist but not a specialist on the topic.

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