Day in the Life Video: Tour of Montezuma Well's Prehistoric Irrigation Canals

I go on a lot of walks because I have a dog and dogs need lots of walks. People need a lot of walks too, but I don't feel as guilty when I don't walk myself because I have plenty of other work to do. That said, the energetic, ecopsychological, and ancestral health type benefits of being in true nature are unmatched by housework and landscaping. Luckily, I live somewhere where there are a lot of amazing places to hike just a few miles away. The desert here is chock full of interesting geological formations, Native American ruins and petroglyphs, and diverse ecological habitats including springs and streams.

In this video, which may be of particular interest to gardeners, I check out the ancient irrigation system and native gardens at the bottom half of Montezuma Well National Monument. The "well", which I will tour in another video, is a large everflowing springs that feeds the irrigation canals.