Vlog: The Only Shoes I've Worn in Six Months!

Vlog: The Only Shoes I've Worn in Six Months!


Here is my first attempt at an edited youtube video with music and titles and everything. Yeah, it's kind of an obscure topic, and yeah, the music is a bit loud compared to the voice, and there is a little too much foot and too little face in the long middle sequence, and it kinda just cuts off at the end because we ran out of memory on the iphone, but overall it's not a bad first go.

I get a lot of compliments on these sandals. They are well-designed and don't have that shabby homemade look you'd get if you built your own pair.

Quick summary: These are grounded shoes. They have a copper plug that connects to silver lacing. They have thin, flat soles to improve body alignment, and natural foot strength and dexterity. I wear them most of the time, because I appreciate my newfound foot freedom. One bad thing is they get rocks stuck in them sometimes.

What I meant to say at the end is that you have to train your feet to be able to walk far in barefoot sandals by building up the distance because at first your foot muscles will be weak. After a few months my feet stopped getting sore on long walks (4-6 miles). They do still get sore if I walk in on the city sidewalk a bunch because the ground is so much harder, but I imagine they would get used to that eventually too.

There is some controversy over whether cushioned shoes are more natural for your joints when walking on pavement because the earth typically always gives a little, unless you live in, like, Moab on a pile of slickrock. However the lifted/extra padded heels that come on all shoes (even your Vans sneakers) are probably never a good idea because they throw you off kilter. If anything your heel should sink.  If you want to read all about benefits to going actually barefoot or "barefoot" footwear you should check out Katy Bowman's book:


Mini book review: The good is that there are some sweet exercises for the feet and legs to help you recover form a lifetime of foot imprisonment and deformation. The foot is the foundation for the rest of your body so it really can throw off your whole alignment and cause problems all the way up into your neck and head. You'll learn about fun new topics like the common problem of "ankle smear". Us (we?) modern humans are degenerate in many ways, and it's important to know what kind of havock our innocent/ignorant footwear habits are wreaking. 

The bad is if you're already a progressive, independently-minded thinker who was never really that civilized in the first place, you'll find all the cautions, and notes to take things slowly, over the top and written in that way that is for normal-core people lacking common sense and personal responsibility. That kind of patronizing safety stuff always rubs me the wrong way.

If you are interested in finding out more about EarthRunners or purchasing your own pair click here

xoxo, -Emily the Super Sensitive Human


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