Answering Dave Asprey's Question: How To Kick Ass At Life

Sometimes I listen to biohacker Dave Asprey's podcast, Bulletproof Radio, and although he isn't my favorite podcaster because he is a bit too linear for my taste (I'll regret writing that when I finally release an awesome book I need to promote), he has some fascinating guests and topics.  At the end of each interview he asks each guest the same question which goes something like, "What are your three pieces of advice for somebody looking to boost their performance in all areas and kick ass at life?"

People give all sorts of answers from "be kind" to "hug more people" to "don't get too caught up in the science". Often their answers have nothing to do with their area of expertise, that is an EMF expert won't necessarily say to avoid EMFs as one of their three answers.  It would be really interesting if someone went through and did a project cataloging and categorizing all of the guests' answers the question. I'm not sure if that'd tell you anything other than the state of mass consciousness, but it would be informative nonetheless. 

Anyway, I thought I'd answer Dave's question now, since I've just insulted him and will never get on his show in my hypothetical successful future life. (Maybe I'll do the cataloging project some day when I need to win him back over...we can make it a whole book, "Bulletproof Advice on How To Win Life").

I could probably think of more fundamental principles that have played a positive role in my development, but these are the answers that I feel are most unusual and that most people I encounter are missing:


My first piece of advice would be to pay attention to synchronicity as a bit of biofeedback to keep track of how in flow you are at any given moment. This would include the big, obvious stuff but more importantly all of the small happenings going on around you everyday. I learned this technique from Guru Kevin and it has proven to be very helpful. For example, if I was about to step into a coffee shop to meet a new date for the first time and there was a person shouting angrily on the sidewalk outside, I would be extra cautious about creating a connection with this new person. Conversely if I were considering purchasing an a new item, say a bottle of Bulletproof Brain Octane oil, and I heard three people recommend it within a short space of time, I would consider that strong evidence that the purchase would be in my best interest. (Actually I use this MCT oil).


My second piece of advice would be to be scrupulous about what you eat (or drink, or ingest as a drug). Perhaps it is possible to raise your vibration so high or be so completely aligned that a bit of bad food won't hurt you. Not everyone is supersensitive, but few people are truly bulletproof. And speaking of which I am against coffee. Asprey jokingly says "a few" people can't handle it, "but they are weak and we will make fun of them". I disagree, and so does my doctor who has muscle tested thousands of patients. Few people can handle coffee, Bulletproof or not, if they want optimum health.

Many health conscious people operate under a model where it is okay to cheat once in a while. They often feel the consequences of their choices but they promote keeping it loose under the presumption that being too uptight and "orthorexic" is just as bad for your health and you need to have fun and be social.

I disagree here (incidentally Dave also disagrees with cheat days). The best tactic for kicking ass is to find ways to have fun while also treating your body amazingly and to socialize with people who feel the same way. True orthorexia only applies when you are avoiding foods that really would be beneficial to eat because you think they are unhealthy. A vegetarian or vegan who is avoiding food for moral reasons, but is suffering severe vitamin deficiencies might be a good example. Another example is some people damage their metabolism by restricting calories and thus give themselves worse problems. They may not be restricting calories intentionally, but it can be a side effect of restrictive diets, especially low-carb diets, because healthy food is hard to cook, and hard to find, and not as tasty. You suddenly find yourself thrust into a cultural wilderness wherein real food is scarce and must be hunted down with great effort.

Even I used to wonder if people's symptoms were at least partially psychosomatic after they had identified a food as a bad. Seven years ago I'd roll my eyes when my boyfriend told me he had another corn chip headache. (Sorry Peter! Although I still maintain my basic position: eat it and don't complain, or show some discipline and just don't eat it!). Now I think that is rarely the case. It has happened too often where I've suffered reactions to foods I was initially unaware had an offensive ingredient in them, or even thought were good for me, reactions of the same magnitude as if I had a preconceived notion that something was bad for me.

Most people will never notice how damaging eating food that doesn't agree with them is to their body/vibration because they are only looking for physical symptoms and not using piece of advice number one (acute synchronistic reflections) to evaluate their life. This is like ignoring half of the evidence. Apsrey often says there are something like seven different kinds of evidence, and skeptics only accept one or two of them. Well, I'm saying maybe there are eight. 

For example, most people wouldn't associate turning into the parking lot of the chocolate store and their brakes acting up as related to each other. I would. I would take that as a warning against eating that chocolate. It doesn't matter if I know that my brakes are acting up because the brake fluid is too low. What matters is that the exact point that I realized my brake fluid was too low because the car was functioning improperly was when I was about to violate my body.

The other thing is that both physically and synchronistically you have to start from your present baseline. If you eat one donut a day you may show no signs of distress until that day you eat five. As the diet becomes more refined it becomes easier to see what is and was bringing you down all along. And if you cut the donuts out and then eat one and react to that one the way you used to react to five, that's normal. You just couldn't tell before because you were smack in the middle of the stew...mmm donut stew. You probably haven't given yourself a donut allergy, you've just cleared the slate so your body can react appropriately to the offending substance rather than being too sluggishly bogged down all of the time to care what you put in it. 

It may seem like if everyone did the type of evaluation I am talking about no one would ever be able to eat the same things, and that would be very unnatural. How come our ancestors could all the same things? Well, one difference between modern humans and our ancestors is they were eating mostly a large variety of actual wild food and we are eating mostly a small variety of genetically modified, processed, preserved, farmed crap. So while the diet of a person seeking to be kick ass might be severely different from the average fare available in grocery stores, restaurants, or at parties, the diets of all the ass-kickers should be a lot more similar, especially as those ass-kickers heal their leaky guts and random food sensitivities over time with all of their other ass-kicking ways. 

And if you are curious what kind of diet this particular ass-kicker consumes and haven't read all of my blog, it is basically a paleo diet with no alcohol or drugs.


Number three...hmmm what will it be? I'm only making these up as I go along. I didn't start writing with all the answers. I'd say number three would be an awareness of energy, as in metaphysical energy...or physical energy. I'm not so sure in the end there will prove to be much of a difference. For example people give off biofields that scientific instruments can measure and photograph. Besides that others sense and react to these fields with their own very refined instrument: their body! A person's heartbeat in your vicinity can actually alter your brainwaves. How's that for EMF pollution!? Might want to think twice about whose heartbeats you are around. But, weirdly, distance also seems to pose no challenge in the world of energy if two people want to connect.

An awareness of the energetic nature of everything will bring you a lot closer to being able to understand and describe reality. For example, if you feel extreme comfort or discomfort in a person's presence even though you don't know them, you are probably sensing their energy. And it isn't always obvious. A person who looks like a thug may actually have a huge open heart. This way of thinking and speaking isn't yet part of the dominant culture and so a lot of people second guess their perceptions or set them aside in order to be polite. There may be a perfectly good reason you always hated hugs from Grandma. Energy can determine the level of chemistry between two lovers. Have you ever fallen hard for someone who seemed all wrong on paper, or that you thought was physically unattractive at first?

Similarly a room or city or geographical feature may have a palpable energy. These types of energies can be sensed as a feeling-tone. 

I see all of this as an extension of principle number two. It is very important to be aware of the things that actually go into your body, but being aware of the things going into your energy field is critical as well. An "energy diet" might include restricting access to a place or person that lowers your vibration, or seeking access to that which raises it.  

Open up to the idea that all matter is energy and consciousness is also energy and you may begin to see how physical reality is malleable. Plus now you have at your fingertips all sorts of novel kinds of healing though working with energy: everything from pulsed magnetic field devices, to acupuncture, to psychic surgery. And perhaps you'll even learn how to manifest desirable circumstances like wealth and romance. 

In my life I use piece of advice number one (synchronicity) and number two (diet) and the first part of number three (energy diet) to raise my consciousness and empower my own personal field so I can achieve the last part of number three (manifesting miracles) and kick ass in life. 

I hope that makes sense and isn't too vague. If you are confused, I'll link to a few of my more in-depth blogs on each topic in the article and below. What are your top three ways to kick ass at life?

-Emily, The Super Sensitive Human


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