GoFundMe Campaign for My Healthcare Expenses

GoFundMe Campaign for My Healthcare Expenses

Hi Readers, 

You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging much since the New Year. I've been slightly more ill than usual due to some circumstances that knocked me off balance. I wanted to let you know I am currently running a GoFundMe campaign, gofundme.com/doctorforemily, to raise money for my medical expenses. If you've enjoyed my writing please consider donating. Every little bit helps. The thing you don't realize until you run one of these campaigns yourself, is that even $5 or $10 shows someone cares and that has greater value than the money alone. 

I'm currently seeing an "energetically approved" doctor in Phoenix who is very knowledgeable and confident and has been helping me with my gut infections and heavy metal poisoning among other things. We even listen to all the same podcasts!

I just went there on Thursday and got two donations right when I pulled up to the office and three more later that day. It was also a lucky (a.k.a flow-y) thing we were experiencing a sudden cold front on my appointment day because otherwise I wouldn't even have been able to drive to the city without renting a car, which I cannot presently afford. (I busted my car off-roading a year ago and now it overheats after 20 minutes of driving when the temperature rises above 80 degrees :/ Guess that's one way to insure I shop local.) 

If you can't spare anything, please consider "donating" at no cost to you by making any of your regular Amazon purchases at any time through this link. When you click on this link it will take you to a normal looking Amazon main page, but with my tracking code embedded. The easiest way to remember to make purchases through it is to open it up and drag it into your browser favorites bar. Just a few more purchases and I'll rise from earning a 4% sales commission to a 6% commission. Thanks so much.