Vlog: Video Tour of My Garden

Vlog: Video Tour of My Garden


So, I've decided to experiment with vlogging. My idea is to make a bunch of videos on a bunch of different topics and see what I like and what the viewers like. This garden video seems to be getting a lot of organic views (hehe, garden pun). Checkmark for permaculture!

I like making videos, but I like writing too. Can't I do both? Well of course I can do both, but I've started writing at least three books and in the last couple years have yet to complete one. Plus I have to write long papers for my PhD program which takes some of the fun away from writing and research.

On the other hand, there is something about being on camera that takes a certain amount of ambition and energy. Writing is more reclusive and easier in some ways.

Even though I'm fully on board with the idea of entrepreneurship, I tend to go round in circles when it comes to selecting a creative, career-like focus to apply my knowledge and talents toward, and often end up scattered and doing nothing due to the vagaries of chronic illness and the attendant lack of passion and purpose. 

Healing has been my focus for many years and while many people make a career out of it, the truth is that it is hard enough to cook healthy food, keep a clean home, and manage life without the additional pressure of filming it or writing about it. So I'm not sure YouTube stardom is in my future, but feel free to check out my channel and subscribe.

Do you have a chronic illness that impedes your ability to focus?

What would you like to see me write or film?