Why Money is Not the Root of All Evil, Written By A Former Radical Anti-Civilizationist

Why Money is Not the Root of All Evil, Written By A Former Radical Anti-Civilizationist

Those of you who know me, know that I come from a radical background that tends to promote things like walking away from civilization and returning to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Money, and charging for things, even skills classes and information that would help accomplish that goal is not very cool in that subculture. But I've changed. Some might say grown.

I don't have a problem with money anymore. Money symbolizes energy, nothing more. So many people have issues with money, with commodification, with capitalism, but I have a hard time following their arguments these days because money alone is just so basic. It almost doesn't exist. It's like a vapor between us, commemorating our dealings.

I personally find it to be a very useful technology that, like all such inventions, can be used for good or ill. Instead of trading you a couple of fish for a bundle of kindling. I trade someone the fish who gives me money and then I give you the money. It makes things more flexible. Maybe you needed to offload your kinding but didn't want to carry around a couple of stinky fish. Debt is a great invention too. I love being in debt. Good thing because I have a ton of it. What I mean is the ability to take out loans and credit are just tools in a tool box. They can be used wisely, to leverage one's power, or unwisely, resulting in self-destruction.

Of course there are aspects to our current system of capitalism that are unfair like how come the federal reserve can create inflation on whim? How come corporations get away with breaking all the rules? But overall I'm all for it. Is the land never to be bought and sold or is it to be bought and sold with some good decision making skills and respect? We don't have a money problem. We have an integrity problem.

We don't even need to covert to animism and personify the environment and say, "Oh, Mother Earth doesn't like us raping her". I'm a firm believer that there is a Truth, that there is structure, and beauty and perfection to this world and that what is best for people is best for the plants and animals, on the whole. So be selfish. Be very, very selfish.

An obvious example is toxins. When we unleash loads of toxins into the environment we only hurt ourselves. Similarly when we cut down too many trees and cause a mud-slide we only hurt ourselves. When we raise animals in unnatural conditions and pump them with hormones and alter their nutritional composition we only hurt ourselves, but we can raise animals well and manage forests well. Not just in ways that mitigate damage, but in ways that actually enhance the health of the ecosystem. 

 I really don't think that we need to go 100% back to the land, and I don't view this harmony thing an optimistic pipe-dream, but rather the way things are supposed to be. Humans have grown out of the earth. We're here for a reason. And there is this weird thing called "progress" for a reason too. Is it all a mistake? I no longer think so. I'm not exactly a techno-utiopianist, but I think balance can be achieved through a diversity of currently known and unknown strategies. It will take a radical shift in consciousness, and there will always be some casualties, but I truly believe we can have our cake and eat it too. 

To tell you the truth, I don't even really have a problem with the unfairness of capitalism. It is all part of the game. That doesn't mean we should just let things go. Part of the game is to make the game better, but I believe we all chose the circumstances we were born into, our parents, our class, our race, as well our era in time and our country and the economic system of that country. Why go around being upset about something I signed up for?

I believe abundance (money or otherwise) comes to us when we open our hearts and get in alignment with what our souls are asking of us. It isn't a competition, this life. That's a sleight of hand, a misdirect. Reality isn't real. Everyone has a chance to win this game. I'm not saying that it's ridiculously easy to manifest large amounts of money and all you have to do is tap your forehead while gluing together your vision board. You need to work on yourself, your inner demons, your bad habits, your stored traumas, your crummy choices, and hard.

I take humanistic psychology to the extreme. This branch of psychology, biggest in the 60's, is all about self-actualization and emphasizes the value and agency of human beings. It has fallen out of vogue in recent years for being too individualistic, not politically correct, and not taking into account social injustice and non-western ways of knowing. But I see it this way: There will always be sociological trends. Men will be paid more than women. Blacks will be arrested more than whites, or vice versa. There will always be the illusion of injustice. But life is ultimately just. If something happens to you, you either chose it or attracted it. So forget the trends. Forget remaining a victim of circumstance. Be a trend-breaker.

It all sounds rather pompous and presumptuous, but look deeper and on another level you'll find it feels deeply satisfying, to believe things are not random, that there isn't just rampant evil in the world, but that everything is carefully orchestrated for your own growth and benefit. Call me privileged, call me delusional, naive, flakey, call me what you will, but I'm not alone. Statistics indicate that Americans on the whole believe in a just world.

 I'm confident that just about anyone can rise above their circumstances to thrive and succeed. There is always a way. And cheesy as it is, it starts within. People are the ones who make all the decisions about how the environment gets treated, and come up with all the solutions to environmental problems. Raising the consciousness of people is where it is at. And I don't mean environmental education. I mean teaching them who they are and what they came here to do, and how to heal. 

The most famous of humanistic psychologists, Abraham Maslow, asserted that the most psychologically stable people made the best activists. As I wrote in my last post Why I don't Dont Date Guys Who Want To Live Off-Grid (Even Though I Wouldn't Mind Living Off-Grid), a lot of the activist/alternative-society mindset is all wrong: wounded, projective, escapist, angry. The vibration of many of these people is just as bad as the greedy, short-sighted, sociopathic CEOs they love to hate. I personally do not think the world would really suffer if we all just stopped and took a breather to do some personal activism, and that includes both the executives and the protesters.

Of course, I can't force anyone to do this, but even that doesn't bother me. I'll go back to the idea of holistic selfishness I mentioned where what's right for humans (eating organic, for example) is also right for the earth. I believe this principle applies not just to humanity as a whole, but to me as an individual. As I said, I don't believe in reality. But I do believe in non-locality. If I do what is right for me, I expect I will manifest the best external circumstances out of the infinite multiverse of possibilities. 

And this brings us back to money. A good deal of money-skeptics are afraid that money will be worthless in the event of a global financial meltdown or apocalypse and this drives them to eschew the accumulation of money and to focus on the accumulation of survival skills. I know a good deal of survival skills just because I think they are rad, but I'm not worried about a crash (it always seems to be just around the corner, but never seems to come does it?). Nor, in the event that I'm mistaken, am I worried about my ability to survive comfortably through an apocalyptic scenario because of my faith in a friendly universe and the unyielding principle that if I remain in alignment, I will be protected or my end will come perfectly as it should.

I know this is a lot of ask of a logical thinking person, so I'm hoping most of my readers already have a tendency to believe in God and signs, and such, but if you're very smart and scientific you probably also know that many physicists have a belief in a multiverse, and that non-local phenomenon definitely do occur, and that our consciousness, whatever that is, might be projecting our reality like an elaborate 3-D hologram. So give this new paradigm some thought. I personally find it very uplifting in comparison to those I have dabbled in in the past.  


-Emily, The Super Sensitive Human


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