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Biohacking, short for biology hacking, has many connotations. Personal biohacking is ultimately about becoming a better person: healthier, smarter, more productive, and more successful. Not by cheating the system, but by understanding what the body most needs and wants (and what it does not), whether that is nutrients, or a lifestyle choice, or something else. I like to think that somewhere deep inside of us there is a genetic blueprint for the most perfect version of ourselves, and when we tinker with our environment we either bring about alignment with or suppress this ideal blueprint.  

I'd say my approach is that of the holistic biohacker. I typically choose rewilding and soul hacking strategies over highly technological approaches, but I do utilize advanced lab testing, supplements, and the occasional app, gadget, or expensive gizmo. I take things slow. I don't like to do too many interventions at one time. 

My philosophy and goal is not to somehow live better or longer than nature intended, if that is a thing that can happen, but simply to live up to my full potential. If that means immortality, then awesome!

I am not a huge fan of looking at biohacking as a trick, a shortcut, or easy fix for something as in, "Hey, I don't need to exercise for half an hour, I'll just jump on this crazy machine for five minutes". Personally, I would rather go outside and get sunshine, fresh air, walk my dog, breathe in some negative ions, chat with a friend, and let my mind wander. I think stacking the dozens of quantifiable and (presently) unquantifiable functions entailed in a real walk or jog is probably better in the long-run. I am judicious with my interventions. 

That said, if something works, it isn't really a trick. It's just an option. For instance, there may be reasons that in the present world, or in one's present situation, it is truly the best and highest choice to supplement some nutrient rather than try and get it from food. 

 I am a huge fan of DIY medicine, citizen science, and  n=1 experiments. There is a lot of poor quality information in the world. Some of it has been disseminated by industries that don't have our best interests at heart.  Some of it is inaccurate folk mythology. And a lot of it simply doesn't work for certain people even though it works for others.  It's up to us to find out what is true and what is false.

I imagine a future in which the people determine what is healthy, what gets studied, and what gets funded. Not the FDA, the AMA, insurance providers, or corporations. And I believe that the biohacking movement is already taking us in this direction.  


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